Mini-Blog: A Crash Course for Getting into the Cannabis Industry

It's 2018! Time to start off the New Year with a "Crash Course" in the Canna-Industry.

CAREER ADVISEMENT IN A NUTSHELL: The New Mexico marketplace is highly competitive. Candidates that study, research not just the industry, but the job they're appying for, and have some level of experience/knowledge are the ones that "get in".

Tips for you: Get to know the requirements to work in your state, the marketplace, state regulations (Federal Regs too) and programs for cannabis.

The history of marijuana in our country, basic science and practical medical knowledge (e.g. the endocannabinoid/cannabinoid system, extractions, methods of ingestion, clinical perspectives), basic botanical terminology and grow info, all help to create a well-rounded and "wanted" candidate.

Understanding attitudes and arguments for Medical vs. Rec. in our state is key.

Learn advocacy and attend local meetings (if available, and within reason). If you don't have local meetings in your area, look into starting your own chapter!

Meet patients or watch testimonials. Understanding the perspectives of patients from all backgrounds helps strengthen your customer service and empathy skills. Facebook, Americans for Safe Access, American Cannabis Nurses Association, Grow for Vets, WG, DPA, NM EMPACT & the newly formed NM MCP Advocates Alliance are all great resources. Become active - network, network!!!

And finally... after all of that, create your Canna-Resume and Cover Letter. Show you have a skill set that crosses over into the part of the industry you wish to work in (i.e. Budtenders or Customer Care Coordinators generally have some sort of retail, sales, customer service and/or medical background). Show up, answer questions, be engaged, rinse, wash, repeat 'til your hired. Prove to yourself and the industry you are a go-getter and that someone WILL HIRE YOU.

So, that's a crash course! Hopefully it's also some inspiration for you to enter the new year with a fresh perspective on the New Mexico Cannabis Industry. But don't worry, if you feel we haven't covered everything, you're right. Be sure to follow our blog and check us out on Social Media for more career tips and advice for getting hired in the New Mexico Cannabis Industry.

- SJ

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