MCS2018 Revisited: Emily Filomena's Cannabutter

As we look back on the incredible success of the Medical Cannabis Symposium, we're taking the opportunity to revisit Emily Filomena's beautiful presentation on Edibles.

We've had a lot of requests for her various recipes, so to start off, here's Emily's famous Cannabutter Guide!

Feel free to use this recipe as a guiding tool, we just ask that you don't publish, copy, or commercially reprint it without Emily's permission (always credit the original creator/artist!).

A word from Emily Filomena: As a massage therapist, patient, and self-taught Cannabis Wellness consultant, I have been able to experience the benefits (of Cannabis), see how it benefits others and expand people’s knowledge and awareness. Cannabis can heal and offer whole body benefits without so many of the life changing and detrimental side effects. Pain relief doesn’t have to come with damage to the liver or kidneys.

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