Training for Cannabis Professionals Hits New Mexico!

Every day at Cannabis NM Staffing, LLC we get important questions from people looking to succeed in the medical cannabis industry of New Mexico. “What type of education or training is required to work and how can I get started?” Equally as interested have been all of our contacts currently working in the field, expressing the need for access to local and applicable training and the desire to become more knowledgeable for their patients and colleagues.

The 411

Compliance Training Requirements for Employees

The New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program (MCP) is regulated by the state’s Department of Health (DOH). According to their rules, listed in Title 7, Chapter 34, Part 4 in the Section for Licensing Regulations for Producers, Couriers, Labs & Manufactures, all employees must have access to an on-site compliance training curriculum, (unless the private entity intends to enter into contractual relationships with outside resources capable of meeting employee training needs), that addresses, at minimum, the following topics: HIPAA, Ethics & Code of Conduct, Safety & Security, Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act (LECUA), Updates & Development in Cannabis, Food Handler's Safety Certificate.

Onboarding Compliance Requirements for a New Hire

When a new hire is on-boarding with a medical cannabis licensed business, the DOH asks the company to provide a MCP License Identification Card Request form indicating that their new employee has completed the following: a HIPAA Certificate, a copy of the driver’s license has been provided, residency proven, state and federal background checks completed (with no felonies on record), and a Food Handler’s Safety Certificate (if applicable). From there a card specific to that employee is created and must be carried while that employee is on site at all times, ensuring compliance for the employer.

Renewal Process Requirements for Employees

Each year, per the DOH, all of the above training and the MCP License ID Care Request form is to be achieved again and re-processed by all employers on all of their employees during re-licensure, which takes place in July.

Good News

Cannabis NM Staffing has developed Core Compliance Training courses for the cannabis industry!! Courses are designed to empower employers and employees currently operating in the field, striving to be compliant and proficient in their practices. This training is also offered and suggested to all professionals looking to apply to the marijuana industry as a qualified applicant.

Standards & Guidelines

Courses are taught utilizing four components of standardized corporate training: #1 Knowledge, #2 Improvement, #3 Application, and #4 Retention. Each class is organized & given by a trainer, whose material has been developed with Cannabis NM Staffing and then approved by a team of experts, including medical professionals, educators, and corporate business trainers. Trainees who take courses with us receive a full course Syllabus, Prep-Materials, Pre-Test, In-Class Materials, Post-Test, Dated Certificate of Completion and Dated 3rd Party Verification Forms (for both the trainee and the employer) from Cannabis NM Staffing to allow for tracking and verification of training acquired. The Trainee Management Team then tracks all progress through a Trainee Database, so that we can help you and your employees to stay on top of required training.

Compliance Courses Available in June will include:

  • New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program Prerequisite

  • HIPAA Compliance for Cannabis Professionals

  • Ethics & Code of Conduct

  • Lynn & Erin Compassionate Use Act in Detail

  • Safety & Security Compliance

  • Research and Developments in Cannabis

  • Food Handler Safety

Note: Prior to taking any training, Cannabis NM Staffing suggests that trainees attend a Prerequisite Course which entails an overview of the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program and Career Advisement.

Collaboration is Key to Progress

While some businesses are able to keep up with all of the work it takes to create, implement, and manage employee education and retention, others may need to find it more effective to outsource. That's where we come in!

Cannabis NM Staffing and partners, including local medical, education and corporate trainers have diligently worked to formulate the best way to approach training for the cannabis industry. Discussions with local cannabis business representatives, state officials, university executives and patients give indications to our team that this type of career training is desperately needed and will be welcome here in New Mexico.

Cannabis businesses face unbelievable challenges and obstacles every day. Our team is local, we are from here, and we know what our people, patients and employees are up against. Lean on us for employee training and on-boarding. We are listening to your needs and here to help develop, and retain the best people to represent your company. For information about Cannabis NM Staffing, LLC go to

Reach out anytime to 505-550-4294 or email

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