The Manager's Corner: How We Help You Hire the Right Entry-Level Cannabis Talent

Hiring the right entry level talent can be challenging. How do hiring managers, working for small cannabis companies, who have little pay to offer, no benefits, or training, find the right people?

At Cannabis NM Staffing our recruiters are trained to network with and select candidates from various talent pools. To find entry level talent we have initiatives on college campuses and with young professionals groups who possess various skill sets and educational backgrounds to fit roles that are key to business growth for the cannabis industry. As we bring more of these professionals to the table we are seeing that entry level work is perfect for these types of serious students. Another talent pool to consider for entry level are retired healthcare and wellness professionals. These folks have some money from retirement, have some time on their hands and often want to get involved again at a deeper level… so the money isn’t what’s driving them.

The key to finding the right talent is to create your own pipeline rather than to rely on the resumes that are walking in the door. Don’t get me wrong there are some “gold in them hills” too, however that is a very passive and tedious way to find your next Budtender or Lab Technician.

Once we’ve sourced the right prospects for your position we ask them to apply to our process using the online 5 Star Application. From there our team of Recruiters starts to invite them to several meetings to discuss things like job role, industry requirements, compensation,training, skill set, timing, cannabis as a medicine, and the marketplace itself. We want to make sure that this person has a baseline of information so we offer the Core Compliance Training within our selection process, which helps to guide our candidates as well as to hold them accountable to their own professional development. Those who complete our program are essentially making a commitment to the industry.

From there those prospects who we feel are the best overall matches are selected to interview with our clients. No matter what pay is offered, we have a serious talk about compensation during our final interviews to assess whether or not they are eligible to accept the pay offered and can make a commitment for at least 12 months under the expectations of the offer. If negotiation is necessary between the hiring manager and the candidate then we can also help with those conversations. For example if you have a candidate that you want to hire who is asking for more than you can offer, perhaps they have the education and or experience to back it up, yet you know you need them on your team to help you to expand, our recruiters are trained to help you to negotiate a viable solution that works for you both. That is what we want overall, the right candidate who buys into your business, your products, patient’s needs, and who can help to take your business to the next level.

There are many talented people out there who don’t even know that they are a good candidate for entry level work in this industry. Newly educated and compassionate professionals just waiting to be found and brought to your business. As we attract more of them to the industry, consider us an extension of your team, here to help your hiring managers to stay competitive and grow as they learn to hire the best cannabis talent.


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