Cannabis Industry Culture

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Shanon Jaramillo 


The cannabis culture wave is definitely being felt across the globe currently. The national canna-community is ripe with opportunity. As a job seeker it may come across a bit confusing as the federal government seems to have the industries divided in several ways. 

The regulatory layers of the multifaceted cannabis industry are federal, state, medical, adult use, and hemp. Each producing its own labor market in several sectors including agriculture and farming, processing and manufacturing, quality assurance and compliance, extraction, transportation, retail and professional services, to name a few. A simpler way to view things is to examine the industry and company cultures that have sprung up as a result of legalization.  

What is the difference between the two? 

Industry culture has to do with the public perception, the regulations, the consumers, labor force, and the civics of the cannabis marketplace. Each state has their own distinct regulated industry, yet things are starting to overlap because we are all studying other states to figure out the best way to advance the marketplace with this come-back plant. 

Company culture is the identity of the company both in the employees and the customers eyes. It includes the brand, standards, compliance, values, the organizational climate, and the product or service exchange between the company and the customer service. 

Serious candidates who want to work in the cannabis industry will be looking at both cultures to see where they fit in and where to advance their careers long-term. 

The best thing one can do is study; stay up to date, and become active in the community. If your state has regulated cannabis, checking state regulatory agency websites from time-to-time is the best way to stay informed. You want to stay up-to-date with everything from the laws and regulations that oversee the programs in your state, to business licensing, to workplace requirements and training available in that state, to what is required to access marijuana as a patient or as a consumer. 

By staying informed with industry updates, candidates and advocates can better understand the culture that attracts them, and what contributions they can put forth to better the whole of the cannabis culture.

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