Core Compliance Training


  • Completes Yearly State Required Training

  • Lowers company and patient consumer risk

  • Lowers workforce risk 

  • Provide safety, regulatory, ethics and PHI courses 

  • Provides well-rounded baseline industry knowledge

  • Gives employees a competitive advantage 

  • Allows employees access to much needed updated education 

  • Provides hiring managers with a faster on-boarding 

  • Saves companies money in cost of turn over 

  • Saves companies money in the hiring process

  • Allows companies to invest in education 

  • Allows companies to provide patient education 

  • Breeds career advancement from within the organization 

NM Medical Cannabis Employees

MCP License ID Card


  • HIPAA for Cannabis Professionals 

  • Food Handler's Safety 

  • Department of Safety NM State Background

  • Federal Background 

MCP License ID Card form: New Mexico Department of Health 

New Mexico State

Core Compliance Training 

Responsible Cannabis Employees


  • New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program 

  • Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act 

  • Safety & Security 

  • Ethics & Code of Conduct 

  • Research and Developments in Cannabis 


 O.            Non-profit producer policies and procedures:  The non-profit producer shall develop, implement, and maintain on the premises policies and procedures relating to the medical cannabis program, which shall at a minimum include the following:

                             (7)           on-site training curricula, or contracts with outside resources capable of meeting employee training needs, to include, at a minimum, the following topics:

                                                (a)           professional conduct, ethics, and patient confidentiality; and

                                                (b)           informational developments in the field of medical use of cannabis.

                                (8)           employee safety and security training materials provided to each employee at the time of his or her initial appointment, to include:

                                                (a)           training in the proper use of security measures and controls that have been adopted; and

                                                (b)           specific procedural instructions regarding how to respond to an emergency, including robbery or a violent accident.

                                (9)           a general written security policy, to address at a minimum:

                                                (a)           safety and security procedures;

                                                (b)           personal safety; and

                                                (c)           crime prevention techniques.

                                (10)         training documentation prepared for each employee and statements signed by employees indicating the topics discussed (to include names and titles of presenters) and the date, time, and place the employee received said training;

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